Yes, You Need a Writer

A professional writer will help you distinguish between what you want to tell your client/customer and what that reader actually needs to know. Then s/he will convey your key messages in a way that’s crisp, clear, and consistent.

You Need a Writer When:

  • You face more pressing priorities and your energies are better spent elsewhere
  • You’re focused on your product or service and need fresh eyes to help you see the big picture
  • You’ve been asked to deliver a 15-minute speech — which is great, except that you have more than an hour of material
  • You lack in-house resources to put together and manage a creative team.

Hire a Professional

“The writers… a pack of lost souls staggering around in the dark, serving the unservable, with no authority and a lot of accountability.” ~ Peter Benchley, “Q” Clearance

To learn more, please visit menu above. For new media, Naylor will recommend a web designer  (she doesn’t do coding, because that’s hard).

“We may need a nerd.” ~ Crichton to Sikozu, Farscape (“Promises”)

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